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Top-Notch Emergency Towing Service in Grand Prairie TX

The Best Emergency Towing in Town

Emergency Towing or Towing Arrangements are mostly effective if they operate 24/7. This service helps people who are stuck along the road because their car broke down on their way home and need to bring their vehicle to the nearest auto-body shop. Grand Prairie shelters over 183,000 residents. As such, imagine the number of cars that need towing services in Grand Prairie TX each day. Without these services, those who travel to and from work will be greatly inconvenienced. Think about it this way:  after a 10-hour shift, all you want is to head home, unwind, eat your dinner, and go to bed. What if an SUV two cars ahead of you break down and their gear won’t function? The traffic would go from light to moderate to heavy, all the way to “I just want to go home” traffic. In this regard, our towing services can accommodate all sorts of vehicles–small cars, 4×4 trucks, and even 6 wheeler tankers.

The price rate of our car towing services depends on the miles that are covered. The common pricing is $3 to $5 per mile. There are also different types of towing based on the vehicle and carrier platform. These include the following:

  • common hook-up or wheel lift
  • lift-flat bed
  • Hook and chain

The hook up is mostly utilized for smaller vehicles, which are easy to maneuver along the traffic using a metal hook. On the other hand, the lift-flat bed can accommodate large-sized vehicles with a metallic or sometimes aluminum platform.

The Efficiency of Our Emergency Towing Services in Grand Prairie TX

Imagine that you are stuck along the road. It is already midnight and your car broke down in the middle of it. You don’t panic because it is late and the traffic is gone, but there are about 4 cars in sight. You need to get home as soon as possible because you need to finish a statistics report that your boss needs the next day. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, then call a towing company and let them do the rest for you. This example is based on real life experience. As such, it is always good to know that there is a towing business nearby. This is where emergency towing or car hauling may come in handy. You may never know its importance until you need it.

The initial purpose of the towing services we offer is simple. We at David Towing and their network of licensed affiliates want travelers—both from within and outside the state–to be at ease whenever they encounter vehicular breakdowns on all the roads of Grand Prairie. The hindrances of a car stuck in the middle of the road, with no gas station or mechanic nearby, can be irritating and even dangerous at times. In this regard, the towing business demands more than just the tools and vehicular capacity. The most important factors that need to always be monitored are accurate communication and quick response. We can assure you of these. As such, if you ever need emergency towing or car juncture services around the city of Grand Prairie, then you know who to call.


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